How to make money online with chat

How to make money online with chat

“Bye, Amano. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Don’t just escape like nothing has happened, Uehara-kun! What are you trying to pull off!”

“That’s my line! You know how much you suck, yet you’re begging me with that kind of extremely troublesome and stressful chores!”

“I-I’ll pay you something! I’ll give you the invitation code of the mobile game as thanks!”

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“Who needs it! Also, you’re acting like you’re giving me a reward, but you’re the only one that ended up profiting!”

“H-How about I’ll give you 10 coupons that you can use to play video games with me!”

“I told you I don’t need it! Why are you giving me this kind of weird ‘massage coupons’ suggestions! Also, you’re still the only one who’s benefiting in the end!”

“I’ll give you a paulownia chest of drawers if you accept it right now!”

“Don’t need it! But I’m kind of curious about where you can find that!”

“Ugh, …I can’t believe you’re still trying to exploit me…Uehara-kun, you’re brutal!”

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“What do you mean by exploiting, I didn’t even take anything from you! You’re the one that’s trying to pay tribute!”

“…I feel like that’s what a mugger would say, Uehara-kun…”

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“What kind of threat is that! Uh…”

Once we took a look around, everyone in the class is staring at us as they’re whispering.

Uehara-kun gasped. “Ugh…” Then, he let out a huge sigh…After that, he finally backed down.