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Online Money Website Task Buckle Q Dresses 388 150

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Zhao Xuming had been full of confidence. He had thought that the ICL promotional video would not lose, even if it cost a lot of money. Yet, Boss Pei had already skipped the stage of burning money to improve the quality of the promotional video. He was playing mind games!

He had used a few investments and simple methods to eliminate the core of the ICL promotional video from the spiritual level. He had stolen all the attention and popularity!

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The popularity of ICL’s publicity was greatly reduced. This was a huge blow to Zhao Xuming.

After all, the more popular the ICL became, the more bargaining chips he had.

Fortunately, that was all, it wouldn’t hurt your nerves and bones.

Zhao Xuming pondered for a moment and felt that there was still room for him to salvage the situation with his glib tongue.

However, he continued scrolling down the comments section and saw a few new high praises.

“This film shows a lot of the industry’s chronic illness. I don’t know if everyone has noticed the details in the film. These professional players’ food and accommodation are actually very bad. Their working hours are reversed, and they eat take-out frequently. All of these are expending their health.”

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“Indeed, it makes me sad to see it. I know that the E-Sports industry is a youthful rice, those who did not survive on this are miserable, but those who survive on did not receive much better treatment!”

“Eh? That’s not right, right? Didn’t they say that GPL’s treatment is very good? The members of DGE are all well-built and full of energy. They are definitely not figures that can be eaten by day and night upside down.”

“Of course, there’s no problem with the GPL! Boss Pei had already set the industry standards when he entered the venue forcefully. All the clubs are managed uniformly. There are standard contracts to ensure the rights of the players, the unified meals of Fish-Catching Take-Out, the daily training of the Deposit Fitness, and people who are in charge of nutritional meals and the health of the players...”

“However, in the fields other than GPL, e-sports players are still living the same bitter life as before. There are no changes!”