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Damn it, that’s why I don’t like running in the daytime.

People are in the way. They are so loud. The world is so noisy. All the people, all the chattering!

“I... I won’t choose one person. Instead, I choose everyone. That’s my answer! When I win the upcoming tournament.... if I get it...... everyone...... I pledge that victory... so, will you marry me? Is that all right?”

Stay out of my sight.

Make way for me.

No one say a word.

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“Well, if it’s José... really, this guy...”

“But that’s the only way, isn’t it?”

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“It’s shameless, it’s insane... but...... it can’t be helped.”

“I, if I could stay with José too!”

“Senior, my feelings do not change.”

It’s annoying... it’s distracting...... then... just...

“Well, all together now!”

“”””” Please continue to support us from now on ? “””””

“So, we’re going to bed now?”

“So shameless! That’s after graduation ...”

“That’s right! So, how about as a reward for winning the tournament, José?”

“Se, senior! I will have a lot of babies!”