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「-You’ve come to, Allen! Rest assured, this is the Director’s office in the academy. Those guys are gone.」

「…Those guys!?」

The moment I heard those words, my heart leapt into my throat.

Shopping with the president.

The Black Organisation that attacked Ria and Rose.

Battle with Zack and Thor.

I remembered all of them clearly.

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「Oh right, Ria!? Is Ria safe!?」

I immediately stood up and approached Leia-sensei.

She shook her head quietly.

「…Sorry. She was already taken away by the time I arrived at the scene…」


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In an instant, the colour drained from my face, and my vision flashed.

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「O-Oi… are you alright!?」

Sensei rushed to me and supported my body that was assailed by strong dizziness.

Even though I didn’t want to think about it, the worst case scenarios rushed into my mind.