Does the foreign network write novels to make money?

Does the foreign network write novels to make money?

Obviously, the motion capture actors were not obese. That meant they probably needed to resort to special methods to simulate this level of obesity while capturing the motions.

On top of that, the rich protagonist looked overly handsome. He looked just like a first-tier celebrity from the West, and he was practically glowing.

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On the other hand, not only was the poor protagonist mediocre-looking, but his expression screamed ‘toady’ with a hint of resentment.

Both of those expressions had been forcibly mixed into the poor protagonist’s face, and each one was too clear. As a result, anyone looking at the poor protagonist would feel a certain discomfort.

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In other words, Ruan Guangjian had practically written the characters’ deepest characteristics plainly on their faces.

After browsing through the concept art, Hu Xianbin instinctively rejected them for being inappropriate. He was confused. Why would Big Boss Ruan Guangjian make such an elementary mistake?

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However, Ruan Guangjian answered that it was Boss Pei who had requested this.

Thus, Hu Xianbin began to wonder if there was a deeper meaning to it.

“The flaw is that it would make the game feel less realistic.

“The merits... weird-looking characters would make their traits look more obvious, and thus form a deeper impression on gamers? “An opera-like image could also have a symbolic effect that would bring out the game’s themes better.

“Is there anything else...? I can’t think of anything else.”

Hu Xianbin tried his best to decipher Boss Pei’s intentions. Although he could pick some things out, they did not seem particularly convincing.

There were a lot of things to do for Struggle, and he did not have much time to read too much into Boss Pei’s actions. As a result, Hu Xianbin had no choice but to leave things as they were for now. In any case, once the game was up for sale, everything would be made clear.

He checked all the concept art and prepared to send them to an outsourcing company that would create the models. Now, he could also arrange for the motion capture actors to start working and capturing motions.

After organizing what he would have to do after this, Hu Xianbin focused all of his energy on the game’s script once again.

While he was writing the script, Hu Xianbin had run into a very grim problem that had been troubling him for two long days.