Online tasks can make money doing it

Online tasks can make money doing it

Ma Yiqun: “…”

He had no idea how to react. He was furious but also elated

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He was furious because he had finally found the culprit!

Ma Yiqun had always found it weird that his books had been so popular when they were available to the public but had failed once they were made pay-to-read.

It would have been understandable if the figures had fallen slightly. However, his novels had deteriorated from being top-tier to only getting thirty subscriptions. That was too suspicious!

However, Ma Yiqun did not suspect that his family members were behind this. Who would have thought that a huge website like Infinite Chinese Network would alter backend figures and pick on a minor author?

Now, he finally understood. Somebody had been plotting against him!

Ma Yiqun laughed, feeling slightly relieved. “Older Brother, don’t worry about me. I chose this path, and I know how to walk it. I don’t agree that the path of online literature leads to a dead end.

“One day, I will prove it to you.”

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After hanging up, Ma Yiqun felt particularly happy. The dark cloud that had been hanging above his head all this time had finally dissipated!

One could say that Ma Yiqun had started writing online literature for Infinite Chinese Network and working as the plot planner for Shang Yang Games, partly because he wanted to prove himself. However, Ma Yiqun now took his job as the editor-in-chief and the one in charge of Zhongdian Chinese Network as his life’s mission.

At that moment, Ma Yiqun felt immensely grateful for Boss Pei. If Boss Pei had not recognized his talent and arranged for him to work as the editor-in-chief of Zhongdian Chinese Network, how would his story have developed to this point?

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Perhaps Ma Yiqun would have lived his entire life thinking that nobody wanted to read his novels. He would have left the online literature industry forever and slowly lost interest in the game industry. Finally, he would go back to his old path like his cousin wanted.

Thus, he had to do his job well. He had to repay Boss Pei for his trust and guidance; he could not let Boss Pei down.

He had to make Zhongdian Chinese Network popular!

At that thought, Ma Yiqun accessed Zhongdian Chinese Network’s backend platform again and began working seriously.

October 31st…

The system screen automatically appeared in front of Pei Qian.

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