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Lin Canrong had registered the name of the restaurant as Ming Yun Private Kitchen as the restaurant was in Ming Yun Villas while it was more like a private kitchen type of restaurant.


Pei Qian felt that the name was rather nice. As he didn’t intend for the restaurant to have a signboard or the sorts, he didn’t mind the name at all.

He just wanted to go and have a meal there!

After the selection of ‘best employee’ on August 1st, Pei Qian had long thought of the reason for this round’s company-paid gathering and meal.

The commendation of the outstanding employee as well as a send-off.

Bao Xu had already done up his visa applications with much regret and was about to embark on his overseas, fully-funded travels while Lu Mingliang had also started work at Upwind Logistics.

This gathering was a good chance to also signal that Tengda Games was moving into its third phase after Huang Sibo and then Lu Mingliang had been the chief planners.

Ming Yun Private Kitchen…

Lin Wan stood at the entrance and looked curiously inside. She had not expected that a quality private kitchen existed among the deserted and isolated villas here!

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From the exterior, this place did not look extraordinary at all; it was just a normal villa within Ming Yun Villas. While its decorations might be slightly more lavish than other villas, it didn’t particularly stand out.

Although it was a private kitchen, it did not have a signboard at all; there didn’t seem to be other diners as well.

As she continued walking inside, the seven-meter-high hall had a huge long table decked out with exquisite cutlery and plating; it felt like a banquet dinner in some European palace.