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Of course, ideally we want to win. However, if that proved difficult, at the minimum, I must blind them from getting any information on us.

As for the center, Rose. The secret art of Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style, the legitimate successor, is in the position of『Ace』in this lineup. After I stop the enemy vanguard from gaining information, she can take advantage of the flow born there to subjugate the enemy center and leader. The battlefield will be greatly influenced by her success.

And lastly, the general, Ria. She is the only one who can summon soul dress. As such, she is the most suitable for the role of general in terms of both strength and overall capability. In fact, without her negligence and self-pride, she would be an overwhelming force.

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(In other words, this is a very solid, strong-minded lineup where I, the vanguard, will exhaust the opponent as much as possible, and then center Rose and general Ria, who have been lying in wait, will deal the finishing blow.)

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As I nodded in consent of the participant list,

「Nee, Leia. Why is Allen the vanguard? Normally, he should be the general, right?」

「That’s what I thought as well. The strongest fighting power should be the general, no?」

Ria and Rose put forth those questions.

(Nono, the general should be Ria. Either her or Rose, would be most appropriate…)

On one hand, the princess of the neighboring country who manipulates the soul dress〈Fafnir〉.

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On the other, the legitimate successor of the secret art, Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style.

Disregarding those two people, and appointing a swordsman from Gran Swordsmanship Academy as general, there is surely something not right when you think about it.