Is there those software tasks on the Internet, is it true?

Is there those software tasks on the Internet, is it true?

Well, should I go back and work hard on my solo stream series? No, …it’s already over once it involves working hard. Doesn’t this prove that my motivation is wavering? Live streaming isn’t a real job to me. It’s just my hobby. …Something’s value will drastically drop if you can’t enjoy it. In the end, I’m guaranteed to fail sooner or later.

Well, how should I relieve this sense of defeat temporarily…? …All I know is that at the minimum, …I want to play with Keita one more time.

Just as I’m standing on the ladder and thinking dazedly-

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…I noticed an old console in the corner of my room?

(That’s, …oh, right, I used that to record < Battle Live > with Keita.)

At this point, I can feel that a faint sparkle of hope suddenly ignited inside my memories.

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I got off the ladder and inspected the console. Memories are flooding in.

(Of course, I remembered what happened. …Right, Ao came and interrupted me when I just started recording. In the end, I completely forgot that the deadline for our class report was on the second day. So, the stream was already over.)

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I lifted the console up. It’s covered in dust.

(Indeed, I thought it would be quite embarrassing if I let him go home 10 minutes after he showed up in my room. So, I asked him if he’s okay with playing alone. He was fine in it and played in my house for a while. In the meantime, I was doing my report in Ao’s apartment next door. I also asked him to message me if he wanted to go home…)

Right, that was basically a non-existent event in his memories. Although I almost forgot about it until now, I’m sure that it happened.

Of course, if that’s everything, this event won’t have a conclusion.

However, …if “this” is the game he played alone, the story is different.

I ejected the cassette inside the console and checked its name. Then, I can’t help but smile. After all, that game is-

(You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re making me play < Makeo Kart 128 >?)

-It’s because he was playing a racing game with a recording called a “ghost”.

“Yes, that’s why today’s stream will be a special one! For the first time, I’ll be racing against Jiraiya’s ghost. Hope you enjoy it.”