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…Alright, that’s the end of our fateful encounter. Good job, everyone.

After seeing her ice-cold reaction, Karen Tendou got angry for me.

“How could you do that!? Nina-senpai, …there’s something else you should say, right!”

“Hmm? Oh, …which type of arcade controllers do you use, Kiriya?”

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“What kind of topic is that!?”

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“Ah, my apartment has thin walls. So I always use the silent-types…”

“You caught on with her!? Kiriya-san, you caught on with her!? That’s all of the emotions of that impressive first encounter we had!?”

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“Eh? Ah, well, honestly, I think it’s better to chat about games right away than anything else. It’s more efficient to get to know each other.”

After I said that, that Gakuto Kase-san suddenly punched the table.

“Nice one! I like you, Ayumu Kiriya!”

Kase-kun is suddenly interested in me. Tendou-san pressed her forehead.

“I can’t deal with these senpais…”

I feel sorry for this girl. I feel like…she always suffers from the relationships here.

So, we finally grew closer to each other and started the Game Club tour again.

“Sheesh, you’re just as cunning as before.”

“No, you’re the one that’s unwilling to give up.”

An hour has passed after that.

Right now, I’m sitting with Nina Oiso as we fought each other in fighting games.

Although I was a bit nervous initially, she turned into the real SALT0519 that has fought me countless times this year.