Why don't you go out to make money online?

Why don't you go out to make money online?

I am only interested in incurring losses and not going against my own conscience.

How can I allow shoddy companies that produce rubbish to lie to and cheat others using my name? Of course not!

Get them as far away from me as possible!

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Still after hearing Lu Mingliang’s words, Pei Qian thought of a new idea.

Since Liang Qingfan and Song Kai wanted to increase the scope of the Sloth Apartments’s business, Pei Qian had to get back at them!

It was just like what had happened with ROF back then. Zhang Yuan had intended to make use of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s brand name back then to profit from assembling computers. However, Pei Qian made use of the business to establish 1024 Digital Day and spend as much money as possible.

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Of course, what happened next went without saying.

At least, the strategy had worked back then!

Pei Qian could apply his creativity to the problem that Lu Mingliang had just raised.

According to the System’s regulations, once a certain business arm had established a good reputation, the System would greatly expand its profit-generating requirements. That was what happened with Upwind Logistics.

At that thought, Pei Qian said, “We can consider partnering Sloth Apartments with other furniture brands or property developers, but there must be very strict regulations.

“Hire someone to conduct frequent inspections. Before working together, send someone to conduct deep research into the current state of those other companies. Get a good understanding of their financial positions and management situation.

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“The inspecting teams should be put in charge of a different region at regular intervals to prevent corruption and cheating.

“We will cover all expenses incurred by inspecting teams when they conduct inspections, including clothes, food, lodging, and travel. On top of that, we must not reveal our identities.

“Even after the partnerships are established, the inspecting teams should conduct spot checks at regular intervals. Customer reports and feedback should also be encouraged. Once we find that the other companies are falling short, we should immediately terminate the contract and compensate our customers for all losses suffered.

“All of these conditions must be clearly and neatly written in our partnership contracts with the other companies. Companies that refuse to accept these conditions would not be allowed to work with Tengda.

“If any problems arise in the course of these partnerships, I will hold both of you responsible.”

Liang Qingfan and Song Kai immediately looked somber. “Yes, Boss Pei!”