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After all, I’m sure there’s a connection between the fact that I can use the Breakthrough and Great Magic Spiral, and Kron...

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“Un, back is done. Next. Front.”

At that time, Amae, who was at my back, got around in front of me. Huh?

“Ah... it’s dingy.”

“...... Heh? ...... eh!?!”

Distracted by Kron’s words, I forgot about Amae.

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“Di di di, dingy Ah!? Hey, A, Amaaae!?”

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Karui who had shyly shrunk in the corner of the large bath and washed her body by herself, burst out to the mutter of Amae.

“Dingy” that Amae muttered, or rather, that...

“Dingy? Good heavens! This is something that only boys have, right? Is it called Dingy?”

“Un. Dingy”

And in that moment, I turned to Kron and... oh, oooooooh!!??