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“Ayumu-san. If you’re casually saying something like this, I think you already entered the dangerous zone.”

I was a bit annoyed at her attitude.

“Ao, so what are you talking about? I don’t like beating around the bush.”

“Beating around the bush? Me? Ha, that’s more like for you-“

When the argument’s about to escalate, I realized that Keita’s staring at us.

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Ao and I quickly made an excuse.

“I-It’s fine, Keita. We’re just arguing on dinner.”

“Y-Yeah. Think about it, Ayumu-san’s a picky eater.”

“Oh, I see. Indeed, Kiriya-san feels a bit unhealthy.”

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So, after Keita gave a bitter smile, he walked in front of Ao for some reason and smiled again.

“Perhaps you did say that you’re not serious. Even so, I think it’s the blessing from Kiriya-san’s former life when he has such a virtuous girlfriend like Saika-san.”


For a moment, Ao nearly fainted for some reason. What?

After she barely regained her consciousness, …somehow, she suddenly grabbed Keita’s hand and told him this with sparkling eyes.